How did the Donaldson Pre-filter perform on the snorkel?

After my 2175 mile roundtrip to the Lonestar Jamboree in Gilmer, TX, I finally opened the airbox to see what the filter looked like.

The Lonestar Jamboree was, like last year, a red dust pit. Hundreds of vehicles moving through the dry red dust at the same time, you can taste┬áthe dust in the air, and if the wind is right, you can see red dust mini-tornados. I sneezed red for a week. EvilFJ’s interior is still covered in a thick layer of it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of my air filter, it was pretty clean. Some obvious use marks as can be expected on a filter, but not nearly the amount of red dust I had on there last year. As a matter of fact, no traces of red to be seen.

By comparison, the cabin filter, which was changed out at the same time as the Air Filter and told a different tale.

The cabin filter got replaced, the air filter has some life left in it. All in all I say the Donaldson does a fine job keeping a lot of dust and dirt out of the intake. No dust was noticed in the airbox, and the Donaldson was emptied twice on the road trip.

The only complaint I have about it is that the sun seems to haze the clear plastic bowl.

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