Indeflate – a first look

Last April, my wife and daughter got me a InDeflate dual tire inflation/deflation tool. While not necessarily a new concept, it’s turning out to be a neat little gadget.

InDeflate kit

The unit comes in a handy little pouch, with two hoses with locking fittings for valve stems. Also included is an adapter to go from an air compressor or hose directly to the device.

The concept is simple, hook up the hoses to two valve stems of the tires you want to deflate, slide the collar on the bottom of the device up, and your airing down.

I was able to air down two 35×12.5-17 tires from 35 Psi to 15 Psi in 3 minutes. Not bad, and there’s no need to sit on your knees in the dirt while pulling valve stems etc.

Airing up is the reverse order, and my twin ARB had both tires back at 35 Psi in just a touch over 3 minutes. The little fill adapter allows the air hose to connect directly to the device, so there’s no need to pull a lever, making it a hands off operation.

Airing back up.

Overall a well built little device, and while not a necessity, it is very convenient to have. I think I’ll enjoy using it.

The only gripe I have about it, is that the gauge reads from 0 to 100 Psi. That results in a cluttered gage, where the lines are marked in 20 Psi increments, and the intermediates, like 30 are harder to distinguish. Then counting out each line, to reach 35, is a bit cumbersome. Ideally the thing would have had a 0-50 gauge, with different increments, eliminating the need to count the lines every time you open or close the bleed collar or remove air.

The somewhat cluttered gauge, with an unnecessary high range.

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