M416 Expedition Trailer – Offroad

On day two of our recent Big Cypress trip, my friend Scott and I decided to take our M416s on the trail with us. With breakfast and coffee done and camp packed up, we headed out onto the loop trail. The trail starts of very mild, but gets more interesting along the way, with a nice rocky hill to play on. The hill is covered in small loose rocks, and makes walking on it very difficult.

We had no real issues dragging our trailers over the top and down, and then back up from from the other side. I noticed an issue with the extreme lift shackles I was running, and drug them over the rocks on multiple occasions.

Upon my return home I immediately ordered some CJ3B lift springs, Rancho RS44020. Installation was easy, and the 2.5″ lift the springs provide matched up perfectly with the Daystar .50″ lift shackles I had from before the M416 lift. A great improvement to the trailer, I had my doubts about the integrity of the 50(!) year old leaf springs on there.

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