Air cleaner issues.

EvilFJ has had a snorkel for almost a year now. I’ve never been concerned with taking in water or dust, figuring the air filter would take care of the dust, and snorkel head design takes care of excess water.

After the last few trips, that included some extensive high speed driving on dirt roads with a group of Toyota’s, I took a good look at the air filter. The filter had done a great job filtering, but it was very full. My 2014 doesn’t have the Cyclone pre-cleaner, so I was getting everything into the air filter. Some folks claim turning the snorkel head around helps, but in so much dust, it doesn’t matter where it draws from, it’s drawing dust.

That lead me to do some research, and after seeing my work’s forklift, the light came on…. Donaldson Pre-cleaner. Or as some call it: Bird feeder.
Donaldson claims put to 75% pre filtration due to design. All parts are cleanable and easily replaceable if broken. Apparently a lot of overseas snorkels come with them stock.

Donaldson Precleaner.
Also known as bird feeder…

The issue I saw, was that the logical 7″ unit was suitable for smaller engines, and could not handle the CFM for the 4.0 V6. I played with some numbers and formulas and decided the 10″ would be ideal, right in the calculated CFM at redline RPM range. I ordered one with a 4″ inlet, not knowing whether the 10″ bowl would clear my A-pillar.

Once the brown truck of joy dropped off my new toy, I was thrilled with the fact that the 10″ unit clears the A-Pillar just fine, but that my snorkel tube was 3″ OD.
A quick trip to Home Depot resulted in a perfectly fit thick rubber spacer, allowing me to clamp the unit down as intended. In my opinion it’s not the best looking intake in the world, but I like to lean to function over looks.

Doesn’t look bad…. (well maybe a little bit)
Looks great
Looks great from this angle!!

How does it perform? So far so good. I’ve been monitoring MPG using my Scangauge II, and lets just say it didn’t get any worse. It may have even improved a bit (1+MPG?) on the highway!

3 thoughts on “Air cleaner issues.

  1. Great site and thank you for your thoughtful approach and clear write-ups. Curious if you could share what space you purchased from Home Depot to make the Donaldson unit fit. I take it based on your info, you purchased the H000858. If you were to purchase it again, would you get the H000820 ro H000821?

    Thank you,



    1. BP, thanks for your input. I can’t determined whether all snorkel tubes are the same size, for instance, my PRP one was supposed to be a 4″ tube per PRP, but once I measured it was 3″. Ultimately, the best route is to purchase the one that fits your particular tube. The 4″ on a 3″ tube worked out well with the Home Depot adapter.


  2. I use the original bird feeder snorkel head from Toyota Land Cruiser and so far I have far better results than using the standard ram head especially in torrential rains I have to drive in sometimes. Far drier air filter for now.


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